01. overview

Rise of the CCTV

In today's uncertain world, there is an increasing need for a higher level of security to protect against crime, vandalism and terrorism. Hence the advent of closed circuit television (CCTV).

CCTV is recognised as an effective way of detecting crime and enhancing public safety. However, the mounting number of surveillance cameras has lead to an information overload, where operators are unable to extract the relevant information because conventional CCTV records everything with little or no intelligence.

02. smartveillance

Our Solution

SmartVeillance uses artificial intelligence to prioritize video observations so your system can trigger alerts and bring important security issues to the attention of security staff.

SmartVeillance uses image analysis techniques to separate background and foreground, identify objects, and differentiate between objects of various shapes and sizes.

These techniques can be used for:

Stationary Object Detection
Directional Flow Control
Speed Range Detection
Facial Detection

✓ CCTV Integrable

✓ Versatile Application

✓ Optimize Your Security Surveillance

✓ Increase Productivity

✓ Cost Effective

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Lite Series

Model: Lite 10, Lite 20

General overview and information brochure.

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Lite Series

Model: Lite 10, Lite 20

Technical specifications of SmartVeillance Lite products.

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Model: E’10, E’20

Technical Specifications of Enterprise products.

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Features, interface overview and capabilities.

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Video management system overview.

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