01. overview


LAGIS is an integrated geospatial application system that offers consistent and standardised business process practices for all Local Councils within the state. It provides functionalities for users to better manage and utilise departmental geospatial data. LAGIS delivers the following modules:

• Map Management System
• Rating and Valuation Management System
• Building Plan Management System
• Facility Inventory System
• Road Furniture Inventory Management System
• Public Request Management System
• Zoning Management System
• Parking Information System
• Enforcement Information System
• Public Health Management System

LAGIS is able to integrate with other municipal information systems. The decision support quality in LAGIS enables Local Councils to fully utilise their GIS data at all levels thereby establishing an environment where both public and council users will benefit from receiving and delivering the most up-to-date information for deals and decision-making.

Product Brochure

Comprehensive information about LAGIS system benefits and functions.

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